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Aggressively handling your personal injury dispute.

Personal injury claims are high stakes situations, involving teams of attorneys on both sides and tens of thousands or more in dispute. If you, or your family are involved in a personal injury matter or if your company become involved in a personal injury claim, you need legal professionals with experience on both sides to give you the best chance of success.

The Ment Law Group, PC is focused on representing clients involved in claims disputing negligence and wrongdoing. Call us today to discuss your case at (866) MENT-LAW or use our online contact form.

Types of Claims We Handle

The Ment Law Group, PC has a broad range of experience with personal injury claims. We can handle all types of motor vehicle cases, product liability, construction site accidents, wrongful death, medical malpractice, premises liability, and suicide cases.

Attorney Jeff Ment has done more than shuffle papers in a personal injury case. For example, he has actually litigated asbestos cases to successful outcomes. He has taken cases to trial involving injuries and wrongful death. His experience in court will benefit your case throughout the discovery process, pre-trial motion practice, and in trial, if we progress to that point. If your case instead goes to arbitration or mediation, Ment Law Group, PC will use their preparation to get a positive outcome there as well.

Our Unique Trial Experience Guides Success

We are available 24 hours a day for clients throughout the world. We have experience in state and federal courts with jury trials in many jurisdictions. We have gone to trial, around the state and country, dozens of times and can successfully put our experience to work for you.

The Ment Law Group, PC routinely also defends clients in an array of personal injury cases. Our experience with product liability cases is particularly unique. We have worked with construction site accidents and explosion cases, such as heaters and combustible surfaces. We’ve even taken some of these cases through appeals and won. We tried one of the two asbestos cases that have gone to trial in Connecticut during the last 30 years. We are not afraid of the courtroom, and we will push for the best outcome in your case.

Developing a Winning Strategy

Although most personal injury cases do not get past negotiations, we always prepare for trial. While our goal is to reach a favorable outcome quickly, we are not afraid of taking your case to court, if necessary.

We will begin with a strategy to negotiate with other parties to achieve a beneficial resolution. However, if they are not willing to reach a reasonable settlement, we will prepare legal documents, correspond with the court, submit motions, engage in discovery, and take your case to a jury.

Obtain an Optimal Outcome

For an injured person, we strive to fully understand your case and your losses. We then zealously advocate on your behalf to get you fully and completely compensated. We know that money will not make your injuries fade, but recognize that monetary compensation is the only remedy available.

When defending matters, we know that your goal is to pay as little as possible in legal fees and obtain the optimal settlement outcome. This can be accomplished by working with a legal team that understands the personal injury process and will take only the necessary steps to resolve your issue. We will not bill excessive hours or schedule unnecessary meetings. Instead, we focus on a straightforward approach to obtaining the best outcome possible.

Alternative Dispute Resolution in Personal Injury Cases

If we determine that mediation or arbitration is the best way to resolve your case, we will work with you to develop a winning strategy that protects your reputation and minimizes your risk.

We will counter any demands made by the other parties and encourage a meeting of all attorneys involved. We will attend meetings on your behalf so you can focus on your own matters. Our mission is always to reach an agreement that both parties can accept that also meets your needs.

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With law offices in Hartford, Westport, and New York City, we are convenient to you. With our legal advice, your personal injury case will be resolved quickly and efficiently. When you work with us, you are hiring experienced and knowledgeable lawyers who understand your needs.

Call The Ment Law Group, PC at (866) MENT-LAW or use our online contact form to schedule a consultation today.

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