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Connecticut Lawyers for Police Officers

In these times of such intense public scrutiny, we understand the distinct challenges facing law enforcement.

You unselfishly put your safety on the line daily and deserve equal protection under the law. Our lawyers for police officers appreciate the service and sacrifice of law enforcement officers, and we concentrate on representing and defending those who defend us every day.

If you are a member of law enforcement in Connecticut or New York and need to speak with an attorney regarding an on the job injury including those caused by motor vehicle accidents, other workers’ compensation claims, heart and hypertension claims as well as disciplinary or criminal matters related to the discharge of your duties, call The Ment Law Group, PC at 866-MENT-LAW or submit a request online.

Representative Cases

Justin Lund v. Milford Hospital (Conn. Sup. Ct. No. 19834)

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Joseph Salmieri v. Dept. of Public Safety (Conn. App. Ct. No. 21106)

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Common Legal Questions & Answers for Officers

Members of law enforcement are not immune from legal trouble in connection to their duties. This includes administrative discipline, civil liability, and sometimes criminal prosecution. Understandably, a lot of question come up when officers face legal problems. Some of the most common questions that we can help answer include:

Can I be sued?

Depending on the facts involved, alleged victims of police misconduct can sue and seek damages related to things like assault and battery, wrongful death, and emotional distress. These civil cases can be made against government agencies, law enforcement agencies, and sometimes the individual officers involved.

What penalties will I face from the job?

If a claim is made against you, it will likely trigger an internal investigation. Based on their findings, these internal investigators may dismiss the matter, refer it for criminal prosecution, or initiate administrative disciplinary proceedings, which can include official reprimands, demotion in rank, suspension, and even termination of employment.

Will I be charged with a crime?

Again, a lot will depend on the unique characteristics of your case, but police officers can be charged with any number of criminal offenses if their actions were illicit and under the guise of their authority. Penalties can involve loss of your job, probation, fines, the creation of a criminal record, and time behind bars. If you are being investigated or have been charged with a crime, you need an experienced law enforcement defense lawyer right away.

Representing Members of Law Enforcement

With over 26 years of legal practice, we have represented countless law enforcement officers throughout Connecticut and New York. Through our experiences, we have developed an inside perspective on how high-stakes situations realistically operate; all aimed at providing practical legal guidance and support during any internal or external investigation. From conducting independent investigations to scrutinizing the evidence, we take a rigorous approach to every case and will aggressively defend your rights.

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Critical Incidents

Sometimes, law enforcement officers need to make impossible decisions in a split second. These can be traumatic for those involved, but it is important to remain calm and rely on your training. There will likely be official procedures to follow immediately afterward, which can seem accusatory and invasive. These are largely meant to protect the job itself, rather than your rights. By working with a skilled attorney from the beginning, you can ensure your rights are respected during any interviews with supervisors or investigators, before any written statements are made, and throughout any subsequent inquiry.

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Personal Injury and On-the-Job Accidents

We can help if you’ve been injured in an accident outside of work hours or on the job. A lot of confusion surrounds whether first responders and members of law enforcement can pursue financial recovery for damages they suffer while executing their responsibilities. The likelihood of harm is significantly heightened in these professions, since officers are often first on the scene during car accidents, violent encounters, hazardous weather conditions, fires, and collapsing structures, among others. However, that does not mean you and your family should bear the burden caused by negligence. If you’re seriously injured on the job, discuss all your legal options and how to obtain what you need to recover with a knowledgeable police injury lawyer. We have decades of experience handling motor vehicle accident cases, including uninsured and underinsured claims, workers’ compensation claims for a wide range of conditions, including hearing and vision loss, hypertension, PTSD, and injuries involving every part of the body.

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Employment Issues

There is an ever-increasing spotlight on police and other law enforcement members’ professional conduct. While being held to a high standard is an understandable aspect of wearing a badge, sometimes unfounded issues and misunderstandings can complicate an already, near impossible job. These can range from typical concerns for any workplace, like overtime discrepancies, harassment, and discrimination to law enforcement specific concerns, such as body camera compliance, social media policy violations, and other regulatory oversight. Official misconduct allegations can affect your career, your pension, and your reputation. That’s why you need to tackle these matters head-on by consulting a lawyer committed to setting the record straight.

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Excessive Force Allegations

Officers are afforded the right to use necessary and reasonable force to defend themselves or make arrests. However, when the question of what was necessary or reasonable arises, the reputation of those involved and their careers can be suddenly put at risk. At The Ment Law Group, PC, we know what is on the line for officers when falsely accused of unnecessary force. We are not interested in what an out of context cell phone video or unsubstantiated complaints suggest about a high-stakes situation. We know how to effectively and properly address these claims and our focus is always aimed at defending the decisions made based on training and self-preservation.

Wrongful Arrest Claims

Police officers and other members of law enforcement are charged with executing the law and making arrests when the evidence supports them. Unfortunately, sometimes mistakes or oversights happen and the impacted citizens may pursue recompense. Police departments and other government entities will have their own attorneys looking out for their interests and carefully examining the situation. As an agent of these bodies, you should have someone to defend your actions and protect you from any potential liability concerns.

Fabrication of Evidence / Illegal Search & Seizure

When suspects are investigated or placed in custody, wild claims are sometimes just part of the job. While abuses of authority do sometimes occur, these are frequently meant to justify or cast doubt on the suspect’s alleged behavior by calling the officers’ integrity into question. If your professional reputation and career are in jeopardy based on allegations relating to planting evidence or violating an individual’s rights, they should not be quickly dismissed. By speaking with an attorney right away, you may be able to avoid a haunting mark in your file or even more grievous consequences.